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2012年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(四川卷) 英语

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  英 语

  录入:Love my dog

  第Ⅰ卷(选择题 共100分)

  第一部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分50分)

  第一节 语法和词汇知识(共20小题;每小题1分,满分20分)


  1. —Excuse me. How much is the shirt?

  — _______.

  A. Extra Large B. 50 each C. It sells well D. Altogether there are 5

  2. New technologies have made ____ possible to turn out new products faster and at a lower cost.

  A. that B. this C. one D. it

  3. —Goodbye, John. Come back again sometime.

  —Sure. ______.

  A. I did B. I do C. I shall D. I will

  4. At school, some students are active ______ some are shy, yet they can be good friends with one another.

  A. while B. although C. so D. as

  5. This is not my story, nor ______ the whole story. My story plays out differently.

  A. is there B. there is C. is it D. it is

  6. Tom took a taxi to the airport, only _____ his plane high up in the sky.

  A. finding B. to find C. being found D. to have found

  7. The hotel is almost finished, but it _____ needs one or two weeks to get ready for guests.

  A. only B. also C. even D. still

  8. I looked up and noticed a snake ______ its way up the tree to catch its breakfast.

  A. to wind B. wind C. winding D. wound

  9. —Did you catch what I said?

  —Sorry. I ______ a text message just now.

  A. had answering B. have answered C. would answer D. was answering

  10. If you happen to get lost in the wild, you’d better stay ______ you are and wait for help.

  A. why B. where C. who D. what

  11. They are living with their parents for the moment because their own house ____.

  A. is being rebuilt B. has been rebuilt C. is rebuilt D. has rebuilt

  12. Before driving into the city, you are required to get your car ____.

  A. washed B. wash C. washing D. to wash

  13. In our class there are 46 students, _____ half wear glasses.

  A. in whom B. in them C. of whom D. of them

  14. This training program can give you a lift at work, ____ increase your income by 40%.

  A. as well as B. so long as C. so much as D. as soon as

  15. He will come to understand your efforts sooner or later. It’s just a matter of _____.

  A. luck B. value C. time D. fact

  16. I make $2,000 a week, 60 surely won’t make ______ difference to me.

  A. that a big B. a that big C. big a that D. that big a

  17. Scientists study ____ human brains work to make computers.

  A. when B. how C. that D. whether

  18. We are said to be living in ____ Information Age, ____ time of new discoveries and great changes.

  A. an; the B. 不填; the C. 不填; a D. the; a

  19. I got close enough to hear them speaking Chinese, and I said “Ni Hao ” just as I ____ do in China.

  A. must B. might C. can D. should

  20. It’s surprising that your brother _____ Russian so quickly—he hasn’t lived there very long.

  A. picked up B. looked up C. put up D. made up

  第二节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)


  Lightning flashed through the darkness over Sibson’s bedroom skylight(天窗).Sibson was shaken by a clap of thunder ____21___ he knew what was happening. The storm had moved directly _____22____ his two-story wooden house. Then he heard the smoke alarm beeping.

  Sibson rushed down the stairs barefoot to 23 ; he opened the door to the basement(地下室), and flames 24 out. Sibson ran back upstairs to call 911 from his bedroom. “I felt 25 because the room had a separate outdoor stairway,” he explains.

  But the phone didn’t work, and when he tried to go down the outdoor stairway, he was 26 by a wall of flames. Sibson realized he was trapped(困住).

  Sibson’s house was three kilometers 27 the main road and was so well hidden by trees that he knew calling for help would be 28 .

  Up a hill nearby lived Sibson’s neighbor, Huggons. He was lying in bed when something like a smoke alarm 29 his ears. He jumped out of bed, took his 30 and flashlight, and headed down the hillside toward the 31 . That was when he saw the rolling heavy smoke.

  Huggons dialed 911, and the operator warned him not to 32 the house. But Huggons said, “There is no way I am going to listen to Sibson 33 and die in that fire.”

  “Anyone there?” Huggons called out. Then he heard “Help! I’m trapped!” coming from the second-floor balcony(阳台). He entered the house, but soon had to run back to catch his 34 .

  After one more 35 inside the house, Huggons gave up and 36 around back.

  The wind parted the smoke just 37 for him to catch sight of Sibson. But there was no way to get to him. He 38 the flashlight into the woods and noticed a ladder. He took it over to the balcony and 39 Sibson down just as the second floor of the house fell off.

  Sibson is still 40 when he tells the story. “ I was alone that night,” he says. “Then I heard the most beautiful sound in my life. It was Huggons.”

  21. A. before B. while C. since D. until

  22. A. on B. in C. through D. over

  23. A. hide B. wait C. check D. escape

  24. A. moved B. gave C. went D. exploded

  25. A. safe B. worried C. glad D. tired

  26. A. burned B. stopped C. shocked D. covered

  27. A. beside B. off C. across D. along

  28. A. limited B. false C. fruitless D. regretful

  29. A. struck B. missed C. touched D. passed

  30. A. coat B. key C. basin D. phone

  31. A. noise B. road C. smoke D. danger

  32. A. search B. enter C. leave D. damage

  33. A. call B. roll C. scream D. sigh

  34. A. breath B. attention C. ladder D. flashlight

  35. A. stay B. chance C. thought D. attempt

  36. A. climbed B. circled C. looked D. jumped

  37. A. clear B. open C. enough D. fit

  38. A. led B. put C. drove D. shone

  39. A. persuaded B. kicked C. pulled D. forced

  40. A. nervous B. surprised C. proud D. thankful

  第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分50分)

  第一节 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。(共20小题;每小题3分,满分40分)


  On a hill 600 feet above the surrounding land, we watch the lines of rain move across the scene, the moon rise over the hills, and the stars appear in the sky. The views invite a long look from a comfortable chair in front of the wooden house.

  Every window in our wooden house has a view, and the forest and lakes seldom look the same as the hour before. Each look reminds us where we are.

  There is space for our three boys to play outside, to shoot arrows, collect tree seeds, build earth houses and climb trees.

  Our kids have learned the names of the trees, and with the names have come familiarity and appreciation. As they tell all who show even a passing interest, maple(枫树)makes the best fighting sticks and white pines are the best climbing trees.

  The air is clean and fresh. The water from the well has a pleasant taste, and it is perhaps the healthiest water our kids will ever drink. Though they have one glass a day of juice and the rest is water, they never say anything against that.

  The seasons change just outside the door. We watch the maples turn every shade of yellow and red in the fall and note the poplars’(杨树)putting out the first green leaves of spring. The rainbow smelt fills the local steam as the ice gradually disappears, and the wood frogs start to sing in pools after being frozen for the winter. A family of birds rules our skies and flies over the lake.

  41. What can be learned from Paragraph 2?

  A. The scenes are colorful and changeable.

  B. There are many windows in the wooden house.

  C. The views remind us that we are in a wooden house.

  D. The lakes outside the windows are quite different in color.

  42. By mentioning the names of the trees, the author aims to show that ______ .

  A. the kids like playing in trees

  B. the kids are very familiar with trees

  C. the kids have learned much knowledge

  D. the kids find trees useful learning tools

  43. What does the underlined sentence in the last paragraph mean?

  A. The change of seasons is easily felt.

  B. The seasons make the scenes change.

  C. The weather often changes in the forest.

  D. The door is a good position to enjoy changing seasons.

  44. What is the main purpose of the author writing the text?

  A. To describe the beauty of the scene around the house.

  B. To introduce her children’s happy life in the forest.

  C. To show that living in the forest is healthful.

  D. To share the joy of living in the nature.


  Here is your best chance to travel around the UK in 2012: More than 200 B&Bs(bed & breakfast)across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are selected to offer you amazing services for your stay at their lowest prices! Don’t miss it. Just collect the vouchers(活动券)in our B&B Daily printed from 01/04/2012 to 07/04/2012 and book the stays for your travel following the terms and conditions below:

  ● The offer includes a room for the night and a breakfast the next morning.

  ● The offer is of two kinds: £20 per room, valid(有效的)during stay period of 02/04/2012—31/05/2012 and then again 01/09/2012—31/10/2012;£35 per room, per night, valid during stay period of 01/06/2012—31/08/2012.

  ● The offer is valid for a basic twin or double room only.

  ● The stay must be booked directly with the chosen B&Bs before 28/04/2012.

  ● Each voucher can only be used by the holder to book one room for one night.

  ● If voucher holders book either the £20 or £35 per room per night, any additional services such as lunch, evening meal or activities may require an extra charge. But these are not required in order to take up the offer. Please check directly with your chosen B&Bs to see what extra services are available.

  ● Vouchers must be presented on arrival. If no vouchers are presented, the B&Bs may reserve(保留)the right to charge at full price for every night of stay.

  ● Vouchers may not be used together with any other offer.

  ● The voucher holders must pay for the stay in full at the time of booking. Additional £10 may be paid to confirm(确认)the booking and will be returned on arrival.

  ● The B&Bs reserve the right to refuse voucher holders’ bookings for people under the age of 18.

  45. The voucher can be used for a stay at the chosen B&B on ______.

  A. 09/01/2012 B. 04/02/2012 C. 01/03/2012 D. 28/04/2012

  46. How much should be paid for a two-night stay in October 2012 at a chosen B&B?

  A. £70 B. £40 C. £35 D. £30

  47. What right do the B&Bs reserve?

  A. To charge extra £10 for bookings with no vouchers.

  B. To refuse bookings for guest under the age of 18.

  C. To charge at full price for stays not confirmed.

  D. To request extra charges as tips.

  48. By taking up the offer, the voucher holders can choose to ______ .

  A. book either a basic twin or double room at the chosen B&Bs

  B. have lunch or evening meal without paying extra money

  C. use the B&B offer together with other offers

  D. book the stays though B&B Daily


  I left university with a good degree in English Literature, but no sense of what I wanted to do. Over the next six years, I was treading water, just trying to earn an income. I tried journalism, but I didn’t think I was any good, then finance, which I hated. Finally, I got a job as a rights assistant at a famous publisher. I loved working with books, although the job that I did was dull.

  I had enough savings to take a year off work, and I decided to try to satisfy a deep-down wish to write a novel. Attending a Novel Writing MA course gave me the structure I needed to write my first 55,000 words.

  It takes confidence to make a new start — there’s a dark period in-between where you’re neither one thing nor the other. You’re out for dinner and people ask what you do, and you’re too ashamed to say, “Well, I’m writing a navel, but I’m not quite sure if I’m going to get there.” My confidence dived. Believing my novel could not be published, I put it aside.

  Then I met an agent(代理商)who said I should send my novel out to agents. So, I did and, to my surprise, got some wonderful feedback. I felt a little hope that I might actually become a published writer and, after signing with an agent, I finished the second half of the novel.

  The next problem was finding a publisher. After two-and-a-half years of no income, just waiting and wondering, a publisher offered me a book deal — that publisher turned out to be the one I once worked for.

  It feels like an unbelievable stroke of luck — of fate, really. When you set out to do something different, there’s no end in sight, so to find myself in a position where I now have my own name on a contract(合同)of the publisher — to be a published writer — is unbelievably rewarding(有回报的).

  49. What does the underlined part in Paragraph 1 mean?

  A. I was waiting for good fortune.

  B. I was trying to find an admirable job.

  C. I was being aimless about a suitable job.

  D. I was doing several jobs for more pay at a time.

  50. The author decided to write a novel ______ .

  A. to finish the writing course

  B. to realize her own dream

  C. to satisfy readers’ wish

  D. to earn more money

  51. How did the writer feel halfway with the novel?

  A. Disturbed. B. Ashamed. C. Confident. D. Uncertain.

  52. What does the author mainly want to tell readers in the last paragraph?

  A. It pays to stick to one’s goal.

  B. Hard work can lead to success.

  C. She feels like being unexpectedly lucky.

  D. There is no end in sight when starting to do something.


  In a recent announcement, Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)said that they have joined forces to offer free online courses in an effort to attract millions of online learners worldwide.

  Beginning this fall, a number of courses developed by teachers at both universities will be offered online through a new $60 million program, known as edX. “Anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world can use our online courses,” Harvard President Drew Faust said during a meeting to announce the plan.

  MIT has offered a program called OpenCourseWare for ten years that makes materials from more than 2,000 classes free online. It has been used by more than 100 million people. In December, the school announced it also would begin offering a special certificate, known as MITx, for people who complete certain online courses. Harvard has long offered courses to a wider population through a similar program.

  The MITx will serve as the foundation for the new learning platform.

  MIT President Susan Hockfield said more than 120,000 people signed up for the first MITx course. She said Harvard and MIT hope other universities will join them in offering courses on the open-source edX platform.

  “Fasten your seatbelts,” Hockfield said.

  Other universities, including Stanford, Yale and Carnegie-Mellon, have been experimenting with teaching to a global population online.

  The Harvard-MIT program will be monitored by a not-for-profit(非盈利的)organization based in Cambridge, to be owned equally by the two universities. Both MIT and Harvard have provided $30 million to start the program. They also plan to use the edX platform to research how students learn and which teaching methods and tools are most successful.

  53. According to this text, edX is _______.

  A. a part of the free MIT OpenCourseWare

  B. a free computer program by MIT and Harvard

  C. a Harvard-MIT platform of free online courses

  D. a free program online for universities worldwide

  54. What is said about online education in the text?

  A. Universities have been trying online courses.

  B. About 2,000 online courses have been offered.

  C. Over 100 million people have finished courses online.

  D. Stanford and Yale together have courses similar to edX.

  55. The underlined part in the text probably means “ ”.

  A. Get ready for the difficulties

  B. Get ready for this educational change

  C. Get prepared to complete the online courses

  D. Get prepared to make materials for the edX courses

  56. What can be said about MITx according to the text?

  A. It is first offered as part of the edX learning program.

  B. It is another free MIT-Harvard online learning program.

  C. It is a standard to recognize online learners’ achievement.

  D. It is a new kind of free online course of Harvard and MIT.


  Plants are flowering faster than scientists predicted(预测)in reaction to climate change, which could have long damaging effects on food chains and ecosystems.

  Global warming is having a great effect on hundreds of plant and animal species around the world, changing some living patterns, scientists say.

  Increased carbon dioxide(CO2)in the air from burning coal and oil can have an effect on how plants produce oxygen, while higher temperatures and changeable rainfall patterns can change their patterns of growth.

  “Predicting species’ reaction to climate change is a major challenge in ecology,” said the researches of several U.S. universities. They said plants had been the key object of study because their reaction to climate change could have an effect on food chains and ecosystem services.

  The study, published on the Nature website, uses the findings from plant life cycle studies and experiments across four continents and 1,634 species. It found that some experiments had underestimated(低估)the speed of flowering by 8.5 times and leafing by 4 times.

  “Across all species, the experiments under-predicted the speed of the advance — for both leafing and flowering — that results from temperature increases,” the study said.

  The design of future experiments may need to be improved to better predict how plants will react to climate change, it said.

  Plants are necessary for life on the Earth. They are the base of the food chain, using photosynthesis(光合作用)to produce sugar from carbon dioxide and water. They let out oxygen which is needed by nearly every organism on the planet.

  Scientists believe the world’s average temperature has risen by about 0.8℃ since 1900, and nearly 0.2℃ every ten years since 1979.

  So far, efforts to cut emissions(排放)of planet-warming greenhouse gases are not seen as enough to prevent the Earth heating up beyond 2℃ this century — a point scientists say will bring the danger of a changeable climate in which weather extremes are common, leading to drought, floods, crop failures and rising sea levels.

  57. What is the key information the author wants to give in Paragraph 1?

  A. Plants’ reaction to weather could have damaging effects on ecosystem.

  B. The increasing speed of flowering is beyond scientists’ expectation.

  C. Climate change leads to the change of food production patterns.

  D. Food chains have been seriously damaged because of weather.

  58. We can learn from the study published on the Nature website that ______.

  A. plants’ flowering is 8.5 times faster than leafing

  B. there are 1,634 plant species on the four continents

  C. scientists should improve the design of the experiments

  D. the experiments failed to predict how plants react to climate change

  59. Scientists pay special attention to the study of plants because _______.

  A. they can prove the climate change clearly

  B. they are very important in the food chains

  C. they play a leading role in reducing global warming

  D. they are growing and flowering much faster than before

  60. What can be inferred from the last two paragraphs about the world’s temperature?

  A. It has risen nearly 0.2℃ since 1979.

  B. Its change will lead to weather extremes.

  C. It is 0.8℃ higher in 1979 than that of 1990.

  D. It needs to be controlled within 2℃ in this century.

  第二节 根据对话内容,从对话后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。选项中有两项多余选项。(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)

  — What seems to be the problem?

  — 61

  — How long have you been like this?

  — Since Saturday night.

  — ____ 62

  — Yes, I also feel lighthearted.

  — Can you think of anything you ate Saturday that might have caused it?

  — All I can think of is the fish I had. It didn’t taste quite right.

  — ____ 63 Now I’ll give you some medicine. Take it and you should be feeling better soon.

  — ____ 64

  — I also suggest that you follow a special diet.

  — ____ 65

  — You should stick to eating lighter foods.

  A. What’s that?

  B. That might be it.

  C. Thank you, doctor.

  D. Any other problems?

  E. I have a running nose.

  F. Have you seen a doctor?

  G. I have a terrible stomachache.


  第三部分 写作(共两节,满分50分)

  第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)






  Dear Mom,

  Mother’s Day is coming. I’m sorry that I am abroad 66._______

  and can’t send your flowers, so I’m writing to you. 67._______

  Mom, I know I have never expressed my thank to you 68.________

  before. But on today, at this special time, I just want to tell 69.________

  you loudly: I love you, Mom! Thank you so much by not 70._________

  only giving me life, but also teach me how to be a good 71._________

  person. Thank you for all you had done for me. Mom, though 72._________

  I may often say it, I do love you. Nobody can take your 73,_________

  part in my heart. Whenever I am, I will always love you. 74._________

  Hope you good health and much happiness every day! 75._________

  Your little girl,


  第二节 书面表达(满分35分)

  假如你是大学一年级新生李华。开学之初,你的英语老师Ms Li希望了解每位同学的英语学习情况,并征求教学建议。请按以下要点用英语给她写一封信。

  1. 对英语学习的认识;

  2. 自己目前的英语水平;

  3. 自己英语学习存在的主要问题;

  4. 对英语教学的两点建议。


  1. 词数100左右;

  2. 信的开头和结尾已给出。

  Dear Ms Li,

  I’m very happy to have you as our English teacher.

  Thank you!

  Li Hua






  61-65 GDBCA



  66. 正确 67. your改为you 68. thank改为thanks 69. 去掉on 70. by改为for

  71. teach改为teaching 72. had改为have 73. may后加not 74. Whenever改为Wherever 75. Hope改为Wish


  One Possible Version:

  Dear Ms Li,

  I am very happy to have you as our English teacher.

  As the world is becoming a global village, English is getting more and more important, so mastering English means we can see the world through a new window.

  My English is just OK and the two main problems in my study are that I feel it difficult to learn words by heart, and that I often feel nervous when speaking English. I really hope that you can give me good advice on how to memorize new words. Another suggestion is to give us more chances to practice speaking. I believe we can make much progress in English with your help.

  Thank you!

  Li Hua

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